Christmas Dinner Cake – How to Make Miniature Turkey Dinner Cupcake Toppers by Pink Cake Princess

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Christmas dinner cake or cupcake toppers! See how to make miniature turkey dinner foods for your Christmas cake or Thanksgiving cake or cupcakes. Create these little fondant foods as a special Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner dessert on top of your cake. Includes how to make the turkey or chicken, corn on the cob, miniature carrots, beans, potatoes and a pumpkin, pecan or cherry pie.



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Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey / chicken dinner cake / cupcake toppers materials list:

White fondant icing (a sugar dough)
Light brown fondant icing
Light light brown fondant icing (lighten by mixing a little white fondant through)
Green fondant icing
Red fondant icing
Yellow fondant icing
Orange fondant icing
Small rolling pin
Palette knife
Pointy craft knife
Non stick mat
Corn flour bag for dusting
Water in small bowl & small brush

Thanks for watching how to make miniature Turkey / Chicken dinner cake / cupcake toppers for Thanksgiving dinner cake or Christmas Dinner cake.

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Information about fondant:

I am using a type of icing called fondant icing which is a type of sugar dough (used on wedding cakes). You can get it from your local supermarket or specialty cake decorating supplier. You can even make it. I usually buy it in white & colour it by using food dyes & mixing it through. Link here for how to colour white fondant with food dyes:

For darker colours like black, bright red & bright green I buy it pre coloured as it’s harder to mix the darker colours. These colours in fondant are more sticky due to the dye content so I usually mix a little white fondant through it to make it easier to work with. It can be sticky to work with & changes depending on the weather in your area – it absorbs moisture from the air so can be sticky to work with but it normally dries when exposed to air so you need to wrap excess fondant up in cling wrap and then a zip lock bag.

It may be hard when you take it out of its packaging so you would need to knead it to make it more workable as it warms up and becomes softer and sticker in your hands. To stop the stickiness of fondant you can dust your surfaces with corn flour. How to make a simple corn flour bag for dusting your surfaces:

It comes in many brands – I use Pettinice RTR Icing by Bakels (brand) but there are many other brands like Satin Ice, Queens and Orchards.

Tylose powder can be used to mix through your fondant so that your figurines set harder & quicker than just fondant alone. You can leave it out but you risk your figurines sagging and not fully drying in time. You can get it online or from your specialty cake decorating supply shops. You can use it to make an edible glue as well. Link here for the edible glue –
Christmas Dinner Cake – How to Make Miniature Turkey Dinner Cupcake Toppers by Pink Cake Princess

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