Thanksgiving Grace

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Christian and Cousin Charles convince Jimmy to smoke a blunt before Thanksgiving dinner. Keep scrolling for more info.



Jimmy Tatro:
John Marshall Jones:
Christian Pierce:
Dom Columbus:
Davida Williams:
Karolynn Hill
Spencer Scott
Tanya Alexander

Written by:
Jimmy Tatro and Christian Pierce

Shot by:
George Neinhuis
Kyle Herbert:

Tad Chamberlain

Edited by:
Jimmy Tatro

You may be thinking, “Jimmy, the fuck man? It’s Tuesday and if you look a couple weeks back to your video titled ‘Meeting With The Studio’, you clearly promised a video every Monday for 15 weeks”, and you’re right, I did. And I was totally planning on uploading it yesterday until my editing program started rainbow balling on me because we shot this in 8k so the footage is ridiculously fucking large. For those of you who aren’t tech savvy; 8k is double 4k and yes that exists. If you are tech savvy, you’re probably going to say something like, ‘You need more RAM space, edit with proxys, blah blah blah” but I did all of that shit, okay? My RAM port is loaded with RAM, all of it. Speaking of which, Rams are going off this year which is super dope. Last year I was like ‘Eh, I’m gonna hop on board because I’ve never had a football team in LA so might as well’ but this year it’s official. That’s actually a nice segway into my other point here, funny how that works. Realistically, I shouldn’t have even been editing this video yesterday. I should’ve finished on Sunday like I planned, but next thing I know I’m leaving the Rams game hammered in some white hummer limo with Kyle and like 15 other people I didn’t know and I didn’t really want to edit this video in that state of mind which I’m sure you can understand. Also, don’t think I’ve been on a hummer limo since high school but hey, life happens. Anyways, I don’t really feel like these explanations are THAT necessary anymore since most of you seem to be very understanding when it comes to the fact that I have nowhere near as much time to make videos as I used to. Which is great by the way. Subscribers being assholes about videos being late is just crazy. That’s not directed at you guys, like I said, you’re quite understanding these days, I’m just kind of thinking out loud here about YouTube in general. It’s good that we have these talks from time to time. I’d like to keep going here but it’s coming up on 11:30am and I gotta go do some voiceover stuff. I’m going to click upload now. See you next Monday.
Thanksgiving Grace

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