A Touhou Thanksgiving Dinner 【CM】

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Ahoy. It is that time of the year(again)!
The long awaited sequel to the “Alice and Marisa’ Easter Hunt” is being created by various people around the globe and will be released on the all American Thanksgiving Holiday. (11/23/2017)
Hope to see you all on the dinner table.. (At this channel.)

CM Credits
Visuals : LittleBitHarsh (https://goo.gl/iwV1AB)
Vocal : webemez (https://goo.gl/ZmUNuJ)
Arrangement : RedScreen (https://goo.gl/P7g6SC)
Host : MajorMilk (https://goo.gl/SgJ8Fi)
A Touhou Thanksgiving Dinner 【CM】

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