steam taro with chicken-Leo’s Kitchen Taiwan

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Taiwanese cuisine in 3 minutes-How to make steam taro with chicken.

Today I will show you how to make steam taro with chicken. Taro is a kind of root, just like potato except color is purple, and this dish is a perfect match with rice. What I show you are the steps of cooking already simplified from the traditional way. First thing is some of taro before steam you need to deep fry for about a minute and that can keep the shape of taro after steaming, second thing is you can pan fry the chicken before you put in mashed taro to steam, that will create more aroma for this dish, but if you do these two things that will make complication so that why I bypass those steps, and if you can’t find the dried crisp red shallot then you can used fresh shallot instead, or you can change to bay leaves or rosemary.
This dish is so delicious and easy to make, you must try it.

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steam taro with chicken-Leo’s Kitchen Taiwan