Eat Your Taro | Eat Your Yard Jax (May 2015)

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Eat Your Taro! Eat Your Yard JAX presents: how to utilize the edible Taro Root’s that might be in your yard.

People should try to remember that Taro is an important part of the nutritional, agricultural and even spiritual traditions of the Hawaiian people. There were reportedly 300 named varieties of taro under cultivation at one time in Hawai`i. The most traditional food made from taro in Hawai`i is poi — cooked, pounded taro root, often slightly fermented. Visitors to the islands rarely find it to be a treat, rather more of an acquired taste.

Not all taro is edible and it should NOT be eaten raw! Ornamental varieties are usually NOT edible. Colocasia esculenta and Xanthosoma sagittifolium are edible (my only personal experience is with C. esculenta). A good-quality taro corm will be firm and dense.

Basic cooking method for taro corms:

1) Wash taro thoroughly in tap water; peel and cut up if desired, puncture with fork if cooking whole
2) Place in pot with water to cover and bring to a boil
3) Reduce to simmer and cook until center is soft (40-90 minutes depending on size and variety). Changing the water a couple of times during cooking will reduce the chance of itchiness but will also increase cooking time.
4) Rinse under running water. Peel if not already done.

Once cooked, it can be served just as you would potatoes — chunked or mashed, put in soups. It is best served hot, as it can get rubbery when cold. (

Eat Your Yard Jax is presenting another video for Northeast Florida Homesteading residents to watch.


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Eat Your Taro | Eat Your Yard Jax (May 2015)

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