Halloween Pumpkin Pie | Leftover Pumpkin Recipe

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Rebecca Brand shows how to use left over pumpkins, Jack O Lantern from Halloween into a delicious pumpkin pie recipe by scratch. So when you learn how to carve a pumpkin, or make your Jack O Lanterns this Halloween, know you have your second plan! This is no smashing pumpkin stunt, this is a real recipe and it really works! I do this every year, no need to waste your pumpkin – make a fantastic pie from that pumpkin! This is the classic pumpkin pie recipe with tips to make that plain Jack O Lantern Pumpkin into a tasty pumpkin pie that’s creamy custard pumpkin pie. Don’t throw your pumpkin away! Don’t throw your pumpkin in the street! No joke. Watch this video to learn how, and comment and tell me what you think! This is so fun! and Delicious! Yum!


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Halloween Pumpkin Pie | Leftover Pumpkin Recipe

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