The Tale Of The Lonesome Mince Pie Narrated By Bill Nighy #MincePieMoments

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From The Jo Cox Foundation and The Great Christmas Get Together comes this wonderful story narrated by Bill Nighy. A mince pie and some of your time could make all the difference to someone feeling lonely this Christmas. Please get involved with #MincePieMoments at

**The Tale Of The Lonesome Mince Pie**

This is the tale of a lonesome mince pie
But not lonesome by nature, he was a sociable guy.
He came from a family of twelve, festive folk
They’d chat, and they’d laugh, and they’d, play and they’d joke.
Now, mince pies are friendly and that’s widely known
So whenever you see them, they’re rarely alone.
But here’s one happened to one little pie
For the sake of this story let’s call him Si.
Si was at a small party one cold, snowy day
When a child hit the table, and knocked Si off the tray!
He fell off the edge, and bounced onto a chair
And then rolled under the arm of an old teddy bear.
He lay there for ages as time ticked on by
An hour’s quite long in the life of a pie.
He sat all alone, full of dread, full of fear
It’s sad to feel lonely at this time of the year
He stayed there, away from the Christmassy sounds
Of parties and laughter, and fun all around.
And then somebody saw him, someone short in height
Who grabbed at his crust, held him up to the light.
Si’s insides went mushy as she strode to the bin
But at the last moment, he was dropped in a tin.
What he found in the dark brought a tear to his eye
That tin wasn’t empty, there was one other pie.
They went on a trip (it was just down the road)
And they knocked on the door of a neighbour’s abode.
A kindly old lady placed Si on a plate
Right next to Francesca, his new mince pie mate.
The girl and the lady sat down for a chat
And watching them natter, Si realised that
It takes just a moment to brighten a day
A moment of contact keeps sadness at bay.
He heard the two talking, the sound was so sweet
He felt like the happiest pie on the street
The Tale Of The Lonesome Mince Pie Narrated By Bill Nighy #MincePieMoments

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