Dinner Recipes With Ground Beef And Potatoes

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If you’ve got ground beef, potatoes and rice, you’ve got everything you need for a delicious and hearty dinner. Find out what you can cook with ground beef, potatoes and rice with help from a culinary expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Chef Jared
Bio: Jared Abbott was born into a half-Italian, half-German family, though he has always thought of himself as 100% Italian because of his close bond with his Grandfather Tony.
Filmmaker: Steven Watkins

Series Description: If you’re a mushroom lover, there are a few key recipes that you’re definitely going to want to get to know up close and personal. Find out about various mushroom recipes and more with help from a culinary expert in this free video series.
What to Cook for Dinner With Ground Beef, Potatoes & Rice? : Mushroom Recipes & More